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My name is Chris (left)

I'm originally from Burns Lake, a small town in northern BC. I moved to Victoria in 2004 to attend UVic, where I not only got my education but also made some great friends, including my future wife. These relationships have defined much of who I am today. We often spend time camping and enjoying the outdoors with these friends and as time progresses we find ourself more adventurously exploring nature.

My career is in accounting, but I'm all about embracing new skills and hobbies. Recently, overlanding has become a big part of my life, inspiring me to explore even more. My love for cars, nature and adventure make this hobby a wonderful fit. Join myself, my wife and our dog as we venture into the great outdoors, capturing its beauty and sharing the thrills and challenges of our overlanding adventures.

My name is Darren (right)

I've spent most of my life on the West Coast of Canada. Whether it's been in Duncan, Powell River, Vancouver, or my current home in Victoria, the ocean and adventure has always been just a stone's throw away.


I am passionate about traveling, food, and taking on new challenges. One of my favourite things is to adapt a recipe so it can be cooked on the campfire(see the recipes section). 

Though I dream of owning a boat and cruising the coast to Alaska, for now, I am enjoying exploring the world overland. There are countless places around the globe that can only be accessed and truly enjoyed by road. Join me on my overlanding adventures as I blend my  West Coast roots with a passion for exploration.

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