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Simplicity (or perhaps not) in Overnight Getaways

There's something undeniably magical about spontaneous overnight trips, especially when they happen against all odds. Just as we thought October was heading into its dreary, rainy phase, a break in the weather lured us into planning a quick escape to Jordan River. Initially, our destination was set for a valley we have collected firewood in and is know for chanterelle mushrooms. However, as often with our trips, we don't end up exactly where we expect.

Saturday morning had us doing our usual scramble to pack the ARB fridge into the Lexus, grabbing our last minute meal ingredients, before head out. One quick stop before heading out, our nieces fifth birthday party. It’a always wonderful to see our niece beating the lights out of a unicorn piñata fuelled by cake and candy. Our in-laws, Kelly's parents, who own a beautiful camper van, seized the day and quickly packed their van and promised to meet us as a shake out for their upcoming trip to Arizona.

Given their van is not 4x4 we pivoted our destination as Darren proposed a camp spot he'd stumbled upon, offering a breathtaking view of the ocean that was easily accessable. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a picturesque, leveled clearing with a pre-used fire pit. It's a rare and precious moment to find yourself on an October evening with hardly a breath of wind, watching cargo ships gracefully navigate the strait.

We got to work, gathering firewood and preparing dinner. Tonight's menu featured a classic: pineapple-baked ham and scalloped potatoes. Fuelled by a roaring fire and a couple beer, Darren and I were spurred on to attempt yet another culinary experiment, with the outcome uncertain. Chris and Judy (Kelly's parents) observed as we sweated over the fire to pull the meal together. As is often the case, our challenge yielded the desired result, resulting in our overindulgence.

One of the luxuries of these close-to-home overnight journeys is the ability to bring non-essential items that add a touch of uniqueness and create lasting memories. There's nothing quite like the allure of glamping, watching "Top Gun" on a 120-inch screen. Our first experience with a projector certainly won't be our last. It was the perfect ending to a night filled with good food, a few drinks, and a spectacular view. Once the movie concluded, as is customary on our trips, everyone eagerly retreated to their cozy sleeping bags.

A leisurely morning coffee, a beachfront stroll, and we were back in Victoria by 11 a.m. Although chores and cleaning awaited, I still had a few hours to dismantle our camping setup from the back of the Lexus. It is this setup which makes these last minute, trips easy and stress free. Despite Kelly's reservations, this will be my third attempt to enhance our setup. Admittedly, it might have been more cost-effective to purchase a professionally-made unit, but this hobby is all about the journey and the skills acquired along the way.

What a weekend. It could not have been more wonderful.

Stay tuned for more on the build in another blog...

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Jean Gilgan
Jean Gilgan
Oct 26, 2023



Wren Gilgan
Wren Gilgan
Oct 25, 2023

Very entertaining. Where are the pictures? A work in progress? 😊

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