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Bruno aka Boomer


They call me Boomer, and I'm the guardian of the pack. I take my job of keeping my friends safe seriously. No one gets near them without my approval.

I'm not much of a nap enthusiast, but I do like to catch a wink or two, and I'm always up for some quality watch duty in between. You could say I'm the neighborhood's top watchdog!

They say I've got the best ears in the business, and I won't argue with that. Need some shelter from the rain or cold? Just snuggle up under my ear, and I'll keep you cozy and warm.

I'm part lab, part wookie, and I take pride in practicing my native tongue. When it comes to meals, I prefer my humans to whip up only the finest dishes, befitting the excellent boy that I am.

Catch you on the beach, and don't forget to bring a stick for me to chase!

Bruno aka Boomer
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