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Princess Jersey

Chief Squirrel Alerter

I'm Princess Jersey, and I'm all about camping and having adventures, especially when my squirrel pals make an appearance. I love the thrill of the hunt, but I'm not really into catching them, so I make sure to give them a friendly warning woof before chasing them. Willow, my buddy, might not share my hunting style, but we have a blast together nonetheless.

Swimming, exploring, and finding tasty treasures that make my parents scold me are some of my favorite pastimes. Car rides are a real treat too – we spot all sorts of fascinating animals, and sometimes I can't contain my excitement.

When the day winds down, my mom treats both Willow and me to some gourmet camping meals that we devour with delight. After that, I put on my pajamas and puffy vest, hop into my sleeping bag, and doze off comfortably in my special limo. These adventures are the absolute best, paws down!

Princess Jersey
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